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Chủ đề: Comparisons

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    1/ Equal comparisons

    A. Be + as + Adjective + as

    The reviewers agreed that the data presented in the report was as reliable as other data they tested.

    B. Ordinary verb + as + adverb + as

    The existing treatment facility enables us to process waster water as efficiently as possible.

    C. Almost/nearly/just modify a positive adjective or adverb

    John is just as qualified as the other candidates for that position.

    2/ Comparatives

    Comparatives are used to compare two things.

    A. Adjective/adverb + -er + than

    Given the high price of gasonline lately, renting a car is not cheaper than taking the train

    B. More + adjective/adverb + than

    Ever since the office switched from carpeted floors to linoleum floors, the janitors have been able to clean the office more easily than before.

    3/ Superlatives

    A. The + adjective/adverb + -est + noun + of ~/in~/ that-clause

    To cease smoking is the easiest thing I ever did

    B. The most + adjective/adverb

    That was the most boring movie I've ever seen.

    4/ Comparatives with "the"

    A. The + comparative, the + comparative

    The closer you live to a city, the more expensive your home insurance premiums will be.

    B. The most + adjective/adverb

    Of the two candidates, John is the better qualified for that job.

    4/ Comparatives of words with Latin roots

    To is used instead of than with these adjectives

    inferior to, junior to, posterior to, prefer to, prior to, senior to, superior to

    He pointed out that the former was
    inferior to the later in some respects.

    You should arrive at at least one hour
    prior to boarding

    Our new line of products is
    far superior to existing lines.


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    Đế nhấn mạnh trong so sánh bằng, chúng ta sử dụng

    My book is nearly as exciting as hers.

    Đế nhấn mạnh trong so sánh hơn, chúng ta sử dụng

    Nhấn mạnh TÍNH CHẤT HƠN NHIỀU bằng cách thêm vào

    much/far/a lot/even/still/greatly....trước tính từ/trạng từ so sánh.

    S + V + far/much/a lot/still/even/greatly + Adj/Adv -er + THAN + NOUN/PROUN

    S + V + far/much/a lot/still/even/greatly + MORE ADJ/ADV + THAN+ NOUN/PROUN

    His shirt is much newer than mine.

    The computer is far more expensive than it was in the past.

    The time and effort you put in achieving your dream is much more valuable than the dream itself

    Nhấn mạnh TÍNH CHẤT HƠN MỘT CHÚT :
    a bit/ a little/ slightly... trước tính từ, trạng từ so sánh

    S+ V+ a bit/a little/slightly + Adj/Adv-er than + noun/pronoun

    S+V+ a bit/ a little/slightly + more + Adj/adv + than + noun/pronoun

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