101. The Payroll Department _______ that all employees submit their completed and signed time sheets no later than Thursday due to the upcoming holiday.
(a) wants
(b) requests
(c) desires
(d) likes

102. The Hiring Manager found the _______ was qualified, but felt that he was not a good fit for the company, so he stopped the negotiations.
(a) candid
(b) candidate
(c) candidly
(d) candidacy

103. After touring the manufacturing plant, she _______ that we could apply many of their procedures to our own operations at the Birmingham facility.
(a) determination
(b) determined
(c) determinating
(d) determines

104. It is mandatory _______ all employees to turn in their timecards by Wednesday, or else they will have to wait to receive their checks the following Wednesday.
(a) from
(b) to
(c) by
(d) for
105. Please check with Maria to see if she _______ the product samples along on the trip, so we can show the new line to the clients we're meeting with at seven.
(a) bought
(b) brings
(c) brought
(d) buys

106. I was a little shocked when the buyer suggested that we _______ several younger employees to the committee to get market perspective.
(a) added
(b) will have added
(c) add
(d) will add

107. We should see a _______ reduction in processing time once we implement the new accounts receivable system and the employees have been adequately trained.
(a) significantly
(b) significant
(c) signified
(d) signification

108. According to market reports, consumer _______ is down this year by twelve percent, but with the holiday shopping season just beginning that number is sure to improve.
(a) profits
(b) spending
(c) taxation
(d) losses
109. If Mr. Logan and Ms. Calkins are unable to meet at the _______ time, please email me and I'll try to reschedule at a more convenient time.
(a) prepared
(b) supported
(c) arranged
(d) canceled

110. Julia in the Promotions Department announced in today's staff meeting that the company picnic, weather permitting, is _______ for next Tuesday.
(a) recorded
(b) scheduled
(c) appointed
(d) programmed

111. If you feel it is essential to make changes in the order at this time, please _______ with the Head Designer on how the changes will affect the schedule.
(a) refer
(b) discuss
(c) consult
(d) confirm

112. The new customer service assistants will be trained by a team of three people _______ have a combined total of twenty-three years' experience with our company.
(a) whose
(b) who
(c) what
(d) whom

113. International economic reports conclude that rising interest rates are to blame for the _______ of international currency.
(a) unstable
(b) instability
(c) stabilize
(d) stability
114. Based on the demographic study, we think that people from the _______ area will come to buy our products if we start using billboards in certain areas.
(a) enclosing
(b) surrounding
(c) encircling
(d) accompanying

115. Today the computer manufacturer Tech-Strong _______ its yearly revenue reports public and surprised everyone with sales unmatched by any competitor.
(a) left
(b) made
(c) got
(d) helped

116. I _______ Mr. Cassar in the Sales Department prepare biweekly progress reports for me and all the other members of the Cover Project sales team.
(a) hired
(b) left
(c) had
(d) helped

117. We are going to cancel the regional sales meeting, _______ the big snowstorm has shut down airports and all major airlines are grounded.
(a) although
(b) despite
(c) unless
(d) since

118. Her vast market analysis knowledge and contacts within the industry make Adrienne Reston an incredible _______ for our company's marketing department.
(a) research
(b) resource
(c) resort
(d) response

119. After we analyze the proposals and make a recommendation, the final decision will then be _______ to the project manager and her immediate supervisor.
(a) down
(b) up
(c) on
(d) with

120. Insurance company MediLife acquired LifeSure last week in a multi-million dollar _______ that industry analysts say will result in several layoffs.
(a) merger
(b) policy
(c) separation
(d) attachment

121. Jean works in the subcommittee that tests and _______ all new software programs before programs are purchased and installed.
(a) reveres
(b) reverses
(c) reviews
(d) revives

122. Marcus Jones says it was because of falling prices in the last quarter that investors _______ bought shares of the ailing company's stock.
(a) effortlessly
(b) hesitantly
(c) confidently
(d) carelessly

123. In conclusion, I urge you to meet with your supervisor _______ you have any concerns about the new company reimbursement policy.
(a) would
(b) might
(c) should
(d) could

124. I recently heard that in the new office building we will be sharing space with the executive staff and the _______ department.
(a) exposure
(b) advertising
(c) coverage
(d) public

125. The president's assistant told me that she would not be _______ for scheduling the conference room for staff needs anymore.
(a) responsive
(b) responding
(c) responsible
(d) respected

126. When mailing in your catalogue order, don't forget to _______ each item number on the correct item line of the order form.
(a) incline
(b) invite
(c) include
(d) incite

127. Yesterday, Kelvin Scientific announced its _______ plan to build two new production plants and double its workforce over the next five to seven years.
(a) ambitious
(b) generous
(c) sprawling
(d) driving

128. The corporation now offers more incentives for employees in order to avoid the _______ high turnover rate that seems to be worsening.
a) cautiously
(b) believably
(c) carelessly
(d) historically

129. Our tenants are upset because they weren't informed that very soon a major highway construction project would be taking place _______ their building.
(a) along
(b) beside
(c) through
(d) within

130. I'm interfacing _______ New York at 3 p.m., and I have a report due at the end of the day, so I'm going to have to cancel the dinner.
(a) with
(b) from
(c) for
(d) in

131. My assistant told me that it usually takes approximately three hours for the _______ service to deliver the package to the Detroit office.
(a) courier
(b) distribution
(c) carry
(d) curry

132. Considering the unexpected popularity of the Tickle-Bot last year, the toy's manufacturer will increase the _______ for this holiday season.
(a) investment
(b) production
(c) expenses
(d) construction

133. We all know the Markel Company would not have lost another account _______ high overhead costs and decreased sales.
(a) if not for
(b) provided that
(c) in that
(d) so long as

134. As a final warning, I want to remind you that continued delays in the processing of important paperwork will no longer be _______.
(a) toleration
(b) tolerating
(c) tolerate
(d) tolerated

135. All car dealerships consider different factors, including _______, when formulating the vehicle's trade-in value, but some are fairer than others.
(a) depreciate
(b) depreciation
(c) appreciate
(d) appreciation

136. The technology industry _______ towards the research and development of wireless communications in the last decade.
(a) shifts
(b) will have shifted
(c) has shifted
(d) will shift

137. The most _______ period for the American hospitality industry is usually in the summer between the early May and mid-September.
(a) expensive
(b) costly
(c) profitable
(d) worthy

138. The _______ was a great success and, as a result, I have several meetings set up for next week that should produce a few new client contracts.
(a) presenter
(b) present
(c) presentation
(d) presentable

139. Advancements in telecommunications have made a global economic system possible, _______ advertisers can now take a more globalized approach to marketing.
(a) yet
(b) so
(c) or
(d) but

140. Studies have _______ that wise product placement can increase company revenues dramatically in relatively short periods of time.
(a) recommend
(b) researched
(c) shown
(d) targeted

Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter.
Study Shows Workers are Saving More Than Ever

A recent survey by Waverly University reveals that young workers are putting more money aside in retirement funds than any other previous generation. Instead of saving about ten percent of their annual salaries, as _______ by most financial planners, the study found that employees under the age of thirty save an average of about fifteen percent of their yearly wages.
141. (a) advising
(b) advised
(c) has advised
(d) advise
The study, which targeted employees between the ages of twenty-five and thirty in ten cities across the nation, was conducted by the Department of Economics in order to find trends in spending habits amongst the youngest age bracket _______ the professional workforce. The results, however, prompted the analysis of savings habits instead.
142. (a) in
(b) on
(c) by
(d) for
“When we designed the study, we expected to learn more about young professionals as consumers,” _______ Eric Bradley, Professor of Economics at Waverly University, ”but instead we learned more about the financial goals of this age group. When asked about their reasons for saving, most respondents replied that they wanted to make sure they could support themselves in old age.”
143. (a) quoted
(b) retorted
(c) commented
(d) questioned

Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter.
Hampton Insurance Agency
4715 Albertson Blvd., Suite A-103
Marietta, Georgia 29174

To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation in support of Joshua Baker. Josh has been an employee of Hampton Insurance Agency for _______ ten years.
144. (a) hardly
(b) easily
(c) closely
(d) nearly
He started as our office clerk, but after one year we asked him to become a claims adjuster. I recommended him for this _______ because of his outstanding ability to work with clients.
145. (a) election
(b) promotion
(c) negotiation
(d) association
Josh is always pleasant when interacting with customers, and he responds to their concerns in a polite and professional manner. Many of our clients have told me that Josh always returned their phone calls in a timely fashion and always made sure their needs were met.
Another one of Josh's qualities that I would like to mention is his attention to detail. In the insurance business, a mistake in paperwork can cost the agency thousands of dollars. Instead of _______ through the paperwork like some of our other employees, Josh always takes his time.
146. (a) to rush
(b) rushes
(c) rushing
(d) rush
He even stays in the office late to make sure all his claims are accurate and complete. As a result, Josh has received an award for being the most accurate adjuster in our company.

Josh is an excellent employee who deserves to advance to a higher position in the insurance field. I recommend him without hesitation. Please contact me at 473-4826 if I can provide any further information in support of his application to your company.

Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter.
Big Foot Shoes

Walk a mile in our shoes, and you'll never buy from anyone else!

Saturday, December 16th ONLY

Mark your calendars because you're not going to want to miss this one. For one day only, everything in the store _______ heavily discounted.
147. (a) will have been
(b) are
(c) will be
(d) was
That means all of your favorite brands and styles will be under one roof and selling at prices you won't believe. Take the Fastbreak Running Shoe, regularly priced at $89.99. The sale price is an astonishing $49.99. That's a forty dollar price _______!
148. (a) cut
(b) reduce
(c) sale
(d) cost
But we didn't stop with the price cuts. Check out our cool two-for-one special, which allows you to take home two pairs of shoes - any style and price - for the price of one. Everything in the store is on the sale, including all accessories. This is the time to stock up on all your favorite shoes, because you'll never see shoe prices this _______ again.
149. (a) cheaply
(b) cheaper
(c) cheapest
(d) cheap
Big Foot Shoes

Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter.
8700 Oceanview Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90230

Ad Event Media Agency

September 15
Dear Mr. Jordan,

I have known Clara Wu for the past three years _______ she has worked as a Sales Associate for Ad Event Media Agency
150. (a) for
(b) while
(c) by
(d) around
Clara has never failed to impress with _______ strong work ethic and her one-of-a-kind personality.
151. (a) its
(b) their
(c) her
(d) his
Her job performance has always exceeded expectations, and she has consistently been a top salesperson throughout her entire employment with our company. Clients and co-workers alike respond very well to Clara due to her highly developed interpersonal and communication skills. Because she is an _______ listener and interviewer, Clara is able to consistently meet her clients' needs in a positive and thorough manner.
152. (a) idealistic
(b) agreeable
(c) acceptable
(d) exceptional
I recommend her for employment without reservation. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.