In this book, every Part of the TOEIC test has been presented and arranged in a roughty similar format with the following features:

1. A large collection of actual questions
A great number of actual questions have been collected and arrangJed to help you both practice and enhance your test-taking ability.

2. An MP3 CD for listening practice
An MP3 CD is provided to enable you to practice a variety of listening activitives to gradually familiarize yourself with the format and question types of the actual test.

3. Explanation of testing points, test-taking strategies, and study strategies
A wide range of testing points that you may encounter in the actual test is carefully explained. More importantly, test-taking srategies and study strategies and briefly pressented to facilitate your test training and learning.

4. Basic points for test-taking
All basics points are carefully analyzed to provide you with a good preparation for taking the actual test.

5. Commo expressions
Expressions that are frequently found in the TOEIC test aare presented in every section of the book and read out from the MP3 CD for you to learn and remember easily.

6. Hackers Pratice and Hackers Test
Hackers Practice and Hackers Test have been designed and regularly been provided with the aim of helping you apply the skills and strategies you have just learned in the preceding sections.