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Chủ đề: Coordinating Conjunction

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    Coordinating Conjunction

    Coordinating conjunctions connect elements of equal grammatical status.
    Form & Meaning


    Coordinating conjunctions must be located between two parallel structures.

    • But he did not take the job, they offered a good salary.(Wrong)

    => They offered a good salary, but he did not take the job. (Correct)
    • For they offered a good benefits package, he took the job(Wrong)

    => Because they offered a good benefits package, he took the job (Subordinating Conjunction) (Correct)
    => He took the job, for they offered a good benefits package. (Correct)
    Coordinating conjunctions must join two elements of equal grammatical status

    Two words:

    • The presentation was interesting and informative.
    • The research project will take both time and money.

    Two prepositional phrases:

    • You can apply by email or in person. (two prepositional phrase)
    • There are problems not only with the management but also with the employees themselves .

    Two verb phrases:

    • Our boss neither eats meat nor drinks coffee.

    Two clauses:

    • They offered a good salary, but he did not take the job.
    • The concert was cancelled, so we had to wait another week.

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    1. The new customer service assistants will be trained by a team of three people _______ have a combined total of twenty-three years' experience with our company.
    (a) whose (b) who (c) what (d) whom

    2. We are going to cancel the regional sales meeting, _______ the big snowstorm has shut down airports and all major airlines are grounded.
    (a) although (b) despite(c) unless (d) since

    3. We all know the Markel Company would not have lost another account _______ high overhead costs and decreased sales.
    (a) if not for (b) provided that (c) in that (d) so long as

    4. All candidates considering a position within our Computer Services Department should have experience in database management _______ computer maintenance.
    (a) yet (b) and (c) but (d) because

    5. Mr. Lewis needs to know as soon as possible _______ you will be arriving in Philadelphia early in the morning or later in the afternoon.
    (a) where (b) how (c) whether (d) either

    6. _______ last year's devastating flooding, tourism in the well-known areas of Mozambique is thriving once again, mainly due to aggressive marketing campaigns.
    (a) By (b) Although (c) Despite (d) With

    7. An earthquake struck about 120 miles off Northern California early Sunday, near _____ a larger earthquake occurred last week.
    (a) how (b) that (c) when (d) where

    8. According to studio estimates issued on Sunday, the new adventure film has earned $71.1 million across the United States and Canada _____ opening on Wednesday.
    (a) once (b) since (c) during (d) because

    9. At Resident Investment Services, our Financial Consultants are ready to help you get started as _____ as you want.
    (a) ever (b) soon (c) always (d) usually

    10. The restaurant will be closed ------- the health code violations are addressed.
    (a) for (b) until (c) during (d) through

    11. (136/4). ------- the change in management, losses, in terms of quarterly net profit, have fallen dramatically.
    (a) If (b) By (c) Since (d) Because

    12. (127/5). Forrest, Inc. increased its second quarter profit and forecast ------- a large tax settlement.
    (a) after (b) being (c) within (d) because

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