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Chủ đề: Articles and Nouns - Mạo Từ và Danh Từ

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    Articles and Nouns - Mạo Từ và Danh Từ

    A.The indefinite article "a" and "an"

    When a countable noun is singular, it is used with an indefinite article a/an; when a countable noun is plural, it ends in -(e)s.

    The general rule: we use "a" before a consonant or consonant sound, and "an" before a vowel or vowel sound.

    * To be more accurate, when deciding which one to use, however, it is better to say that it depends upon the pronunciation of the following word, and not the spelling.

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    B. Uncountable noun

    - A/an cannot be used with an uncountable noun, nor can such determiners as several, many or a few. Besides, an uncountable noun in the subject position must be used with a singular verb.

    (Mạo từ a/an không thể dùng với danh từ không đếm được cũng như several, many hoặc a few. Ngoài ra, danh từ không đếm được ở vị trí chủ từ phải đi với động từ số ít)
    * Uncountable nouns are singular in form.
    (Danh từ không đếm được đi với động từ số ít)

    The equipment you ordered are is scheduled to be delivered on August 26.

    * Uncountable nouns cannot be used with an indefinite article a/an
    (Danh từ không đếm được không thể dùng với mạo từ không xác định a/an)
    They helped needy people by the provision of a clothing, food and shelter.

    * Uncountable nouns that frequently occur in the TOEIC test.
    (Một số danh từ không đếm được thường xuyên xuất hiện ở bài thi TOEIC)

    advertising advice clothing employment
    equipment furniture homework knowledge
    information machinery money merchandise
    pollution recreation (hoạt động giải trí) scenery (phong cảnh) stationery
    traffic luggage/baggage

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    Functions and positions of nouns

    A noun functions as a subject, an object or a complement of a sentence.

    A. Subject.
    Prevention of an illness is preferable to treatment after it occurs.

    B. Object of the verb.
    They have provided the excellent services over the past three years.

    C. Determiner (article) + noun
    Most of the students choose not to go for training.

    D. Preposition + noun
    The staff are required to submit one form of identification sent via email.

    E. Possessive adjectives + noun
    The mediator in the labor dispute was replaced when his neutrality was called into question.

    F. Noun + relative pronoun.
    All applicants who were interviewed for the managerial position will receive an e-mail response within the following three weeks.

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    Point 3 Confusable Noun
    Danh từ dễ gây nhầm lẫn

    Danh từ
    Nouns denoting people
    Danh từ chỉ người
    agency agent
    attendance attendant, attendee
    consultation consultant
    donation donor
    accounting accountant
    supervision supervisor
    illustration illustrator
    employment employee/employer
    advice advisor
    director director
    writing writer
    assistance assistant
    application applicant
    engineering engineer
    participation participant
    translation translator
    photograph photographer
    performance performer
    subscription subscriber
    membership member
    benefit beneficiary
    manufacturing manufacturer
    research researcher

    For directory assistance, please press 301 and the operation operator will assist you
    => The word operation must be changed into operator to fit the sentence context.

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    Below are some nouns that have similar forms but different meanings
    Sau đây là một số danh từ có dạng khá giống nhau nhưng khác nhau về mặt ngữ nghĩa.

    • Commitment: cam kết - committee: hội đồng
    • Percent: phần trăm - percentage: tỷ lệ phần trăm
    • Interest: mối quan tâm - interests: lợi ích
    • Communion: sự giao thiệp, nhóm đạo - community: cộng đồng - communization: cộng sản hoá
    • Permit: giấy phép - permission: sự cho phép
    • Expectation: sự mong đợi - expectancy: kỳ vọng, tuổi thọ trung bình
    • Utility: tiện ích - utilization: sự tối ưu hoá
    • Complexity: sự phức tạp - complex: khu phức hợp
    • Segment: đoạn, khúc, phân đoạn - segmentation: sự phân khúc, phân đoạn
    • Meaning: ngữ nghĩa - means: phương tiện
    • Product: sản phẩm - production: sự sản xuất - productivity: năng suất - produce: nông sản

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